Dude Don't Buy Her THAT!!

Have you ever walked through the mall on the day before Valentine's Day? If so, you will agree that this day is one when you see the most men shopping in the mall looking like mall virgins. Many of these poor guys look kind of lost, frustrated and desperate for good gift ideas for their significant others. They are clearly on a mission!!! Although I  couldn't help but chuckle at how cute their efforts looked, I also noticed how adorably clueless some really were about the kinds of gifts they could have been buying. As I walked by stores that sold balloons, candy, stuffed animals and candles, I couldn't help but think that those gifts are rather overrated and lack usefulness! I wanted to yell out several times, "Dude, don't buy her that!" but I held my peace because I remembered that some women actually do like those cutesy thoughtful gifts. 

Let 2016 be the year to update your GGG (Gift Giving Game).  Here's my quick guide to translate those cutesy gifts into ones she will actually use:


“When I drop these (blank)  pounds, I’m gonna dress more stylishly!”
“I like that dress, but I’m not shopping until I lose (blank)  pounds!“

Have you ever said anything…I mean have you ever HEARD anyone say anything like the above statements before? No, just me? Ok, fine! I believe you. (wink, wink) 

  A very wise woman recently dropped a jewel on my life and I decided to embrace it. She said “DRESS THE BODY YOU HAVE NOW!!”  Now, to a certain extent I thought that I had already been doing that very thing because as I’ve stated before, I love to play dress up!! When I heard her words, a light bulb went off in my head and I realized that I hadn’t been consistently dressing my NOW BODY! In reality, I was merely picking and choosing the days that I wanted to actually “dress it” and other days I just hid it under the most stylish dark colored tunic that I could find! And yes, there’s a difference!!!! 

Define Now Body: the shape and size of your body at this very moment in time without an active awareness of plans for future redevelopment 

 To bring you up to speed with my Now Body, here is the quick and dirty update:

·         20 lbs heavier post baby

·         2 sizes larger than my entire wardrobe

·         Shoe and jewelry collections no longer fit comfortably

·         Actively working my weight-loss plan

So with those givens,  I haven’t really wanted to purchase clothes that I fell in love with for fear that I wouldn’t be wearing them very long and I’d just be wasting money!  I’ve only purchased things that I absolutely needed and a few things that I felt like I could wear now, to mask the extra pounds, and still manage to wear later as an over-sized look. Not a bad plan, right? Wrong!

This approach to post-baby dressing is by all means the most affordable, but after being reminded that tomorrow, and therefore the ideal body of tomorrow, is not promised to me I began to remember and focus on the importance of enjoying “my today”.  This doesn’t just apply to tangible things such as clothes and shoes, but I applied it to all parts of life: family, friends, goals and hobbies of today. So as I adjust my thoughts, I encourage those of you who, like me, have been waiting for "Tomorrow's Body" to do the same and enjoy whatever body it is that you have TODAY!!

Dress your "Now Body" even when working towards the Body of Tomorrow.

4 Tips To Help You Successfully Dress Your NOW BODY



Determining your body shape and learning the skills to dress your body in the most effective ways are definitely the first steps to successfully dressing your Now Body. So get to know your body type and then research the recommended most flattering styles of clothing for your type. Click HERE to visit a Wiki How article that can help you identify your specific body type and the styles that will work best for you.



 It’s important to be very clear about what type of clothing you feel best wearing so you know how to shop and invest your hard earned dollars! Your best clothing and personal style doesn’t necessarily refer to the style of clothing you’ve been wearing most often, but rather the types of clothing that you feel your best while wearing them. Some women feel most comfortable wearing feminine skirts and lace, while others feel their best in denim and black leather. There’s no right or wrong here. Your personal style is just that, PERSONAL, so it’s everyone’s individual decision to make for themselves.

Not sure, how to define your style? Try looking at magazines, Instagram accounts full of fashion inspiration images and even characters on television shows to help you identify the style of clothing and outfit styling you like the best. Make a note of the things you really love and things you hate. Be very descriptive noting shape, color, fabrics, fit and even designers where applicable. After you’ve compiled a healthy list, review it to identify the similarities. You should notice that you’ve identified several things that you like that have a repeating theme. What is that theme? Identify it by describing it in three adjectives. Ok!!..Do you love classic styles like blazers and pencil skirts? Do you love bohemian styles with loose fitting layers, and paisley prints? Or are you more of a model-off-duty, edgy leather and denim kind of girl? Remember there are no wrong answers, only personal awareness. 



Now you are ready to go shopping! Take the list you wrote and begin to shop for those types of items you LOVE and add them to your wardrobe. Of course, you don’t have to get everything all at once, but feel free to start small and build your perfect wardrobe for your Now Body as you go. While you shop, be sure to keep in mind your specific body type and shop for items that will help to balance out your body shape, making you look your absolutely best in your Now Body.



If you find that you’re still in a fashion rut and cannot seem to purchase the right clothing styles to fit your Now Body, then try asking an honest friend to help you shop. Don't forget to shop with your list and body shape guidelines that you’ve already identified. Sometimes it’s easier to make a decision that we're not sure about when we have a trusted friend along for the ride. 

If you prefer to not involve your friends and have a little extra cash, hire a personal stylist to help you along.  He or she will help you build the looks you've been desiring and should be well versed on body shapes and current trends that will flatter you body! Be sure to select a personal stylist you trust and who takes your personal style into consideration when making selections for you.

Enjoy shopping and reinventing the look! Leave a comment below to share your tips to successfully getting dressed and looking your best.